How it works: Autoresponders

 In a nutshell, Autoresponder is a powerful feature which allows users to preset a series of automated emails to send out to prospects when they have signed onto their webform/list.

This will save time and money since you can welcome all of your prospects and introduce your business to them without having to send out emails one at a time.

Autoresponders will also ensure that each of your prospects will get the same series of preset emails you have carefully crafted and they will get it at the time that you want.

How to create your autoresponders:

  • Login to your xPertEmail member’s area
  • Go to List and click on Autoresponders.
  • Click on New Autoresponder
  • Select the list you want to use (note: This list has to be synced with the webform from your website) and click Next
  • Name your autoresponder and set your Trigger Condition (ie. Send 1 day after sign up, 2 days after sign up, etc.)
  • Insert the content that you wish to be included in your autoresponder
  • Follow the wizard and you are done
  • You can create as many autoresponders as you like

Autoresponders are great for:

Welcome Emails

  • Welcoming your prospects when they have signed on to your list
  • Welcoming your prospects when they have sign on to your business

Online Course

  • Creating online courses using a series of emails
  • Great for teachers and educational institutions
  • Providing answers to frequency asked questions

Introduce Company Products/Services

  • Let prospects know what type of products and services you have
  • Let prospects know how your products and services can help them
  • Introduce new products and services
  • Introduce seasonal offers
  • Introduce special offers

Build Relationships and Create Retention

  • Keep in touch with prospects and customers
  • Create monthly tips to help your customers
  • Retain customers
  • Create value for customers so they will buy from you over and over again

Make your own series of autoresponders and see how it will help you and your business grow.

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