MailCrank.com offers great email marketing tools to help you build your own list of opt–in subscribers and help your business grow. We offer two different options for you to create your email list; creating your own list or importing your from CSV file. Our step – by – step instructions and guidance will get your process done in less than 10 minutes! In addition to our detailed tracking and updated reporting area, you will get an in-depth understanding on the progress of your campaigns.

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List Management

MailCrank provides you with 3 options to create your email list. Here at MailCrank, you can choose to build your very own opt–in list with our easy to use web form list builder.
Have a list already? You have to the option to easily upload the list to our system through CSV format. Best part is, your lists will be saved on your account and can be used for multiple campaigns.

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Create E-Newsletters

With our easy – to – use features, you can create an MailCrank campaign in minutes. You have the option to design an email through HTML templates or use regular plain text. For quick starters, you can simply use one of our many designed templates to add a professional and stylish look. Got a template you like online? Send it in to our system directly with our Send-In feature.

tracking and reporting

Tracking and Reporting

Ever wonder how successful your campaign is? Now you are able to with our detailed tracking and reporting for every campaign which allows you to see how your newsletters are progressing. MailCrank provide numerous of features such as bounce rate, number of emails opened, replied or clicked. See exactly how each of your campaigns are doing, and have better insight in making your next campaign!


Autoresponder Follow up

Don’t you just hate having to reply with the same thing many, many times a day? With MailCrank’s autoresponder, we help you to keep in touch with potential prospects the minute they are subscribed to your list. Send out a series of automated emails to help you turn potential prospects into paying customers.
Flexible options allow you to schedule the exact day each prospect will receive your email

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